The Great Flood or 2008!
Deb's Survives the Flood!

The year 2008 saw some of the most devastating floods in Iowa's history, and certainly the most devastating flood for Cedar Rapids.    Like many of her neighbors downtown, Deb never expected to see water in her store, and when she was told to evacuate on June 10, 2008, she did as told...expecting to be back in business within hours.

Instead, the water came up...and up...just covering the top of the tables...leaving the salt and pepper shakers unmoved, sitting right where Deb had left them.   The same could not be said of her freezers and deli cases, which in their top-heavy construction, were tossed and tumbled about, adding melted ice cream to the stew of the downtown waters.

As anybody knows who has survived a fire or flood of a residence or business...a million questions ensue that eat at you, as well as shock and grief.   Deb didn't look back...but immediately looked forward, and was one of the first business owners to sign-up one of the flood clean-up crews that 'flooded' into the downtown from around the nation.

She did not allow the devastation to overwhelm her, staying focused on getting back open ASAP,   Within a week of the waters coming down, Deb's was cleared and cleaned out, bleached and drying, wall board removed almost 5 feet up, with practically everything removed, and most everything sent to the landfill.   Anything not junked went through rigorous cleaning and sterilizing, passing through several health and safety inspections.   New equipment was paramount, and Deb worked with Barker's Specialty Products of Keosauqua who did their best in support of Deb's losses to build and deliver the prime deli case with time to spare for reopening.


Demand on construction crews was out of sight, and getting them focused on a single job to complete was challenging.   Deb's closed on June 10th, and reopened October 9th, 2008, one of the first eateries back in business to serve the downtown.   Though Deb's was quick to get 'back to business,' the downtown of Cedar Rapids has had a long, slow rebuild since those devastating floods.   Many of Deb's competitors didn't return, and some who did, have already closed with the smaller number of people working in the downtown.

The Future

Deb's continues to thrive, and will continue to thrive, as Deb focuses on honing customer service and offering things fresh and from scratch from Deb's kitchen.   This new web site, and new promotions and marketing efforts planned, are all being brought forward to assist Deb's to reach out and serve the community more fully, more uniquely.   Many people still don't know of Deb's, let alone that she serves more than ice cream or even   caters!   We're determined to continue to chisel away at that group while continuing to bring more smiles to those who frequent our doors

As always, we look forward to serving you! Be sure to come see us!