Providing You Wireless Connection!

Want a quiet place to think and work, while you sip a coffee, or enjoy a turtle banana split? Who doesn't love chewing on a Reuben while doing some online research on 'why is there air?'

Or maybe you have a presentation to create or give, or maybe a meeting needing online access, but you just would be so much better with paninis all around!

We might be able to find some data to help you identify which foods are most enriching brain foods for laptop users.

Similarly we might be able to find some statistics helping you identify which of your Deb's favorites are most challenging to a laptop user who eats while lost in their virtual world.

We might be able to offer you some plastic wrap to cover your keyboard if you're one of those laptop users whose food and drink also likes the use of your laptop.

Deb's offers the quiet retreat, the intimate work space, and the wireless link you need to be online, doing the things you do when the world is at your fingertips.

So when you're ready, we're ready, to ensure your access to your resources when you're enjoying our resources at Deb's!

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While you're online, take a moment and give us some feedback on how we're doing.

We're just starving to know about your eating experience at Deb's!