Introducing Deb's 'Smokin' Signature Sandwiches!*
Smokin Jack's Granny - Apple Butter Spread, Smoked Turkey, AppleJack Cheese, & Granny Smith Apple Slices, Choice of New Pi Bread. Only 300 Calories w/ 45 calorie bread! -   
Turk's & Art's - Smoked Turkey, Spinach Artichoke Cheese Spread, Choice of New Pi Bread...all Panini-fied! -   
Golden Turk - Smoked Turkey, Havarti, Golden Sauce, Sprouts on Croissant -   
Served on Fresh
Hearth Breads from
New Pioneer Food

*Your 'signature' may be added to any sandwich of
lettuce, onion, sprouts, assorted spreads, etc...