A Most VIP Visit!

She just told him it's really frozen yogurt...

Deb keeps POTUS laughing...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 was just not a normal day at Deb's. Given very short notice that the store was to be visited by the President of the United States...Deb and crew flew into high gear to make sure the store, the food, was ready for a POTUS visit.

When the POTUS visits a small business in your town...that's a big deal. Small business owners give their all to making a living, and help provide a living for many of us. When a President stops by, in this case, for a homemade waffle cone, and classic Mint-Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, it's a big deal...a once-in-a-lifetime deal...for the small business owner, the staff, the customers, and the neighborhood.

Thank you, President Obama, and team for 'coming on in' to Deb's Ice Cream and Deli, and appreciating our story, our family tradition of quality and hard work that we bring to our efforts to serve Cedar Rapids! We sure hope that you didn't get any of that good ice cream on yourself!

And thank you press corps, for sharing our store, our story, with the world! In business 25 years...and we never thought we'd see our store in newspapers around the country and beyond. It excites us...and humbles us...to see our story shared with so many. Thank you!

As the Press saw and reported
the POTUS visit to Deb's >>>>

A very unique customer greets
another customer at Deb's!!
(Los Angeles TImes)

A little meet-n-greet at
Deb's Ice Cream and Deli!
(Obama For America- Iowa)

"Who ordered the float?"
(Lubbock Avalanche Journal)

Grilling staff to learn what they might like.
(Obama For America- Iowa)

The interaction between Deb and the POTUS begins.
(Obama For America- Iowa)

President Obama just learned Deb's has a Happy Hour for Ice Cream!!

Deb (Allick) just told President Obama
she's a smart 'Allick'.
(News Daily)

Deb and the POTUS having a stare-down and grip-crunching contest!

An amazing moment in a
little red-heads life.

(The Democratic Underground)

President Obama grilling a little girl on her favorite ice cream.

Mesmerized by the smell of fresh baked cones! Happens every time!

Be sure to watch the CBS video of
the POTUS visit to Deb's!
(The ObamaDiary)

Ensuring he's got his team covered with treats from Deb's!
(The Cedar Rapids Gazette)

President shares goodies with the team

Deb thought she should try some
of the POTUS ice cream!

"So...you're sure this is Ice Cream?"

Uncertain whether to give this to staff...or eat it himself?

A little meet-n-greet at
Deb's Ice Cream and Deli!

(CBS News)

Trying to convince staff its okay to eat...his treat!
(Job Creators Alliance)

A careful eater, using a spoon to minimize mint chocolate chip on a white shirt.

Finally...POTUS gets a bite!

Deb, The President, Ramonica and Kesa.
(Obama For America- Iowa)

A half-hour notice...a happy customer!
(Hurriyet Daily News - Turkey)

A man on a mission...fueled by
Deb's Ice Cream and Deli!

(Sioux City Journal)

Presidential visit almost done...
but for a little time at the ropeline.
(New York)

Poor Secret Service have no
Deb's Ice Cream!

(Boston Herald)

Deb's Ice Cream only allows one-arm hugs!
(Chicago Tribune)

Waving to greeters at the ropeline outside Deb's
(CBS News)

The POTUS has left the house!
Thank you for making Deb's Ice Cream your choice!