Catered Lunch
Meat & Cheese Trays
Sandwich Trays

Smoked Turkey



Name a sandwich, or
  Turkey   Swiss
  Ham   Kojack
put a tray of them together
  Roast Beef   Pepper
to meet your needs!
  Corned Beef   Cheddar
  Pepper Turkey   Provolone    
Subs as you want em...up to 4 foot long!
Tell us what to put in
them...and how long

Fresh Fruit Bowl


Five Cup Salad

you want them...
  Pasta Salad   Watergate Salad
up to 4 feet!
  Tossed Salad   Pea Salad
  Potato Salad   Chop - Chop Salad
Figure up 4-6 people per foot of sub
  Cole Slaw   Seven Layer Salad    
  Three Bean Salad   Jello
Box Lunches - Keeps the focus on the meeting!
Salad, sandwich...

Chicken, Wild Rice &


Cheese & Bacon

You define 'lunch'...
  Cream of Celery   Clam Chowder
we'll box it!
  Cream of Broccoli   Cream of Potato  
  Cream of Cauliflower   Cream of Mushroom    
  Beef Noodle   Cream of Potato & Leek
Don't see what you're looking for?
Be sure to ask us, and always remember...if you can name it, pronounce it or draw a pretty good picture...we can make it!
  Chicken Noodle   Chili